The Nathaniel Ru Success Story

No one in the restaurant business becomes successful by accident. The market is too fierce, and the competition is far to extreme. People that become successful in the world of fast food are the ones that are taking the time to build a brand. Sweetgreen is one of those up and coming restaurants that have been thriving. The success of the restaurant is hinging on the way that Nathaniel Ru has been able to market this restaurant.


He knew that starting with an app would be a very effective way to get more people to engage in ordering through their phones. They could look over the menu and make better decisions about what they wanted order up front. This would prove to be a valuable concept in the ordering process because it would cut down on the wait in line in the Sweetgreen restaurants. When people check out the app they can get the price and the amount of calories all without ever going into the store.


Another thing that Nathaniel Ru would do is connect with other people that were interested in building the same type of franchise that he envisioned. He would work with Sweetgreen co-founders Nicolas Jammet and Jonahtan Newman to focus on an upscale healthy alternative to fast food. It would still give people fast food meal prices, but these three would work together to bypass the dollar menu items.


Nathaniel Ru knows that he has an uphill battle when it comes to getting more customers to believe in the value of eating healthy. He realized that he had to have a desire to finish what he started even if no one else believe in him. He admires Kevin Plank, the CEO of Under Armour. He looked at the earnest beginnings for this company, but it became a multi-million dollar business.


The interesting thing about Nathaniel Ru is that he chose people to build a business with that all had parents that owned their own businesses. They had the type of drive that came from their parents that started businesses before them. These 3 entrepreneurs would build a better restaurant business structure. Nathaniel Ru has changed the way that people look at the business world when it comes to fast food.


Nathaniel Ru is really changing the fast food culture. He has been successful because people wanted the alternative to the burgers, fries and chicken nuggets.


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Todd Lubar’s Vision on Smart Homes

The idea of smart homes was first envisioned by George H Bucher who was the president of Westinghouse. He foresaw people using short waves to issue commands to appliances from any part of the home. He wrote an article on detailing on the matter with a captivating title of The Electric Home of Tomorrow. Todd Lubar, on the other hand, foresaw the use of air conditioner, mood lightings as well as the HEPA filter. All that the two envisioned has become a reality only that the technology today does not use short waves but rather the computer powers in our phones.

Most of the smart homes today have doorbells that are set to ring when an individual is close enough to the house. It is also common to find every new home with adjustable lightings all which are controlled by the computer. And according to, as a result of the advancement in technology, one can program a thermostat to cool the home a little while before getting home, allowing individuals to come to a comfortable environment rather than a hot inhabitable house. The disabled people who were once viewed as dependent have through the smart homes achieved independence. Rather than moving around the house with a wheel chair or requesting unwilling individuals to for instance adjust the thermostat, they can issue a command to the house to do the same for them.

Out of the passion and interest that Todd Lubar has had in smart homes, he has tapped his experience in the real estate industry to taking most of the structures located in Baltimore and eventually turning them into smart homes. He is confident that all homes in the Baltimore area will finally be smart homes. Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Syracuse University from where he earned a degree in speech communication. He readily shares his knowledge with his clients as well as with other people through seminars.

Baltimore has appealed to most millennials given that its cost of living is relatively low compared to the nation’s capital. These are facts that Todd presents to his clients in the attempt to saving them a substantial amount of money. According to Mr Lubar, the world will eventually have smart homes only.


Securus Technologies – Provider of Effective and Efficient Crime Prevention Technology

The correctional industry is crowded with many different crime prevention and inmate communications service providers, but Securus Technologies has been able to dominate the market since the time of its inception in 1986. The company has developed its proprietary technology to offer efficient and economic inmate communication services to the prisoners, named ConnectUs. It is a technology that is far superior to what other inmate communication service providers’ offer. It helps in increased communication opportunities, low cost, and seamless communication without any hindrances. Securus Technologies has been able back up its products and services with highly efficient customer service as well. The customer service of Securus Technologies has received the Gold Stevie Awards, which is one of the most respected awards to be received in the corporate world.



More than 1.2 million inmates across the length and breadth of North America depend on the inmate communications services offered by Securus Technologies. For years, the company has been able to ensure that its services remain consistent and superior to its counterparts. It is for this reason, the focus and priority of the company have always been extensive research and development. The announcement made by Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, mentioned about the investment of $600 million for patent acquisition and developing new technologies. It is what is definitely going to give Securus Technologies an edge over the competition.



The law enforcement officers are pleased with the products and services offered by Securus Technologies. It has helped them curb the crime rate in their respective areas, capture the dangerous criminals, and keep a check on the suspicious elements inside the prison with high precision. The law enforcement officers write letters of appreciation to the company o a regular basis, and it is this love and satisfaction that the company shared with others through a press release online recently.



Sawyer Howitt And His Business Experience

Sawyer Howitt is a young entrepreneur who has shown that people can create a personal business for themselves. He has demonstrated that the youth is also involved in running businesses, and has persevered and inspired many. Sawyer Howitt shows how to make yourself wealthy and meaningful at work.

Sawyer Howitt has served on a management team called the Meriwether Group. He shows that age does not measure how far you can go in the business world. Sawyer Howitt is a project worker who is also an academic student, currently in high school. He wishes to attend college out west in the state of California where he will assist other business places develop and stabilize.

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Sawyer is involved with other countries through his endeavors in school. He has been a tutor and been a part of many philanthropic groups. Sawyer’s knowledge of entrepreneurship shows how starting your own business can be interesting because it allows you to communicate with new people. Sawyer is dedicated to learning more about how countries operate off of businesses. He is also an example of using the ability of networking in order to be associated with an organization. Sawyer Howitt is extremely influential to all who are his age because he teaches about the traits you need to acquire in order to have a work ethic. Sawyer gives many tips on what should be performed to overcome obstacles in having your own goals. He eliminates the fear and barriers that young people experience when approaching starting their business.

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