Todd Lubar’s Vision on Smart Homes

The idea of smart homes was first envisioned by George H Bucher who was the president of Westinghouse. He foresaw people using short waves to issue commands to appliances from any part of the home. He wrote an article on detailing on the matter with a captivating title of The Electric Home of Tomorrow. Todd Lubar, on the other hand, foresaw the use of air conditioner, mood lightings as well as the HEPA filter. All that the two envisioned has become a reality only that the technology today does not use short waves but rather the computer powers in our phones.

Most of the smart homes today have doorbells that are set to ring when an individual is close enough to the house. It is also common to find every new home with adjustable lightings all which are controlled by the computer. And according to, as a result of the advancement in technology, one can program a thermostat to cool the home a little while before getting home, allowing individuals to come to a comfortable environment rather than a hot inhabitable house. The disabled people who were once viewed as dependent have through the smart homes achieved independence. Rather than moving around the house with a wheel chair or requesting unwilling individuals to for instance adjust the thermostat, they can issue a command to the house to do the same for them.

Out of the passion and interest that Todd Lubar has had in smart homes, he has tapped his experience in the real estate industry to taking most of the structures located in Baltimore and eventually turning them into smart homes. He is confident that all homes in the Baltimore area will finally be smart homes. Todd Lubar is a graduate of the Syracuse University from where he earned a degree in speech communication. He readily shares his knowledge with his clients as well as with other people through seminars.

Baltimore has appealed to most millennials given that its cost of living is relatively low compared to the nation’s capital. These are facts that Todd presents to his clients in the attempt to saving them a substantial amount of money. According to Mr Lubar, the world will eventually have smart homes only.


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