Stream Energy Shares Energy Saving Tips

Stream Energy is an electricity retail company that was established in 2004. The company was created by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after Texas’ electricity markets were deregulated. Stream Energy provided its first customers with electricity in Texas in 2005.


The headquarters of Stream Energy is located inside the Tollway Center in Dallas, Texas. In 2010, Stream Energy began selling electricity on the state markets in Pennsylvania. 2011 saw Stream Energy enter the Maryland and New Jersey state markets. Its latest entries were the New York State market and District of Columbia market in 2012.


Today Stream Energy provides additional services in addition to its main service of selling electricity in over six different states and territories. This includes the sale of natural gas, wireless services, various home services and certain protective services. Stream Energy is now led by Larry Mandry who serves as both CEO and president of the firm. The company also now has an associate program where salesmen can earn commissions by signing people up for Stream energy services or recruiting additional Stream associates (MyStream).


Save Money By Getting Rid Of Phantom Drain


You may think that an appliance or gadget that is not being actively used is not using any electricity. If you thought this, then you would actually be wrong. It turns out that appliances, electronics, and gadgets use electricity even if they are not being used when they are plugged into an outlet.


It may seem hard to believe, but your computer, TV, entertainment system and coffee maker all use electricity when they are plugged in. So how do you get rid of this phantom drain? It is quite simple really according to Stream Energy ( Just unplug those unessential gadgets, appliances and entertainment systems. When you need to use them just plug them back in.


A very easy way to unplug all of your appliances is to connect them to a power strip and then just unplug the power strip. This will eliminate the need to fumble about wires and other uncomfortable sports. Think it’s not worth cutting down on the phantom drain? A single entertainment system can cost you as much $130 a year in the phantom drain.

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