Omar Boraie Gives Families Some Fun

Most businesses and corporations do not care what happens to the community around them. They often look out for themselves and do whatever is needed to turn a profit. If the local area is not doing well, they get up and leave. This is not true of Boraie Development LLC which is led by Omar Boraie. This patriarch is seventy-two years old, and he saved the city of New Brunswick from imploding in on itself.


Omar Boraie was committed to transforming New Brunswick from a gutter city to one that was as splendorous as the European cities of old.


Many people doubted that a real estate company such as Boraie Development LLC could care for an entire people, let alone turn the whole thing around. In fact, paints the company just like any other corporation. You would not know that they have been investing over $150 million into the city over the past few years. You also would not know that they used this money to create grant scholarships so that students could attend college in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Boraie Development LLC stands out because of its compassion for the community. In an article published by the New Jersey Stage, you get a glimpse into the heart of a loving man.


According to NY Times, Omar Boraie wanted to provide families with activities that would help bring them together. To do this, the Boraie Development LLC partnered with the Provident Bank Foundation, and together, they offered 7,500 families a free night at the movies. These were all held at the State Theater.


The idea began as just a onetime event. Over the years, however, it has grown to encompass a summer of movies. Over a two month period, seven different movies are shown. Moves such as Despicable Me 2, Frozen, Aladdin, Babe, and Beauty and the Beast have been shown.


The event grew to include the entire community over time. No longer were only families coming, but clubs, churches, non-profits, and camps wanted in on the action as well.


This world is in desperate need of more businesses like the Boraie Development LLC. Businesses should be interested in giving back to their communities and making the places that gave them wealth prosper all the more. Not all corporations need to be ice cold machines. They can be like Boraie Development LLC and understand that all of us are in the community together.



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