A Future of Success in Communication and Security

Communication can be considered both a blessing and a curse, depending on who is accessing it. The use of cell phones, for example, brings with it the ability for inmates to speak with their loved ones outside the prison walls but it can also bring an increase in drug trafficking within the prison system. In order to try and alleviate these sort of issues, Securus Technologies has been working on forming a sophisticated solution to safeguard against unauthorized forms of communication. The answer they have come up with is known as a wireless containment system; a virtual spider net that locates and captures unauthorized cellular and WiFI signals and cancels them at the source, blocking them for future use. Such a system will not only allow Securus to meet the issue of abuse head-on but it will also allow security workers and prison staff to feel a bit safer knowing that less danger is coming into their workplace.


The wireless containment system identifies calls being made by inmates and blocks those calls from going through, scrambling the signal and making the call impossible. Not only will this system be able to do this but it will also have the ability to track the use of cell phone IP addresses. An IP is an identification number for an electronic device; every advanced form of technology has this identification number so that signals can effectively communicate with them. Security personnel can use these unique numbers to quickly locate where a call is being made from. This can assist in the confiscation of unauthorized cellular devices in jails and prisons.


While Securus Technologies has been working hard on developing this system it is still very experimental and is not quite ready to be used in the field. Such a system setup would require the ability to install the system, train operators to run it properly, and would also require going through different channels to make sure who can be authorized through it and who can not. There are still bugs to locate and handle but with the reputation that Securus has, it is only a short matter of time before operations will work.

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