Doe Deere, Cosmetics entreprenuer, A success story to feel good about

Doe Deere is a fashion and cosmetics entrepreneur who achieved success by being herself.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime a cosmetics company that offers bold and innovative cosmetics to its customers, while at the same time keeping its products all vegan and cruelty-free.

Doe was born in Russia and did her growing up in New York City. Her path in life has been to follow her passion. Starting out her passion brought her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. There she studied fashion design and illustration. Consistent with the boldness we see in her products today, she left school before finishing to start her own clothing line. This is where the name Lime Crime first appeared in her business. She has always felt a connection to fairy tales. She was thinking about how in fairy tales many times there will be rhymes for no special reasons and she liked how the words lime crime sounded when they came out of her mouth. Lime Crime it was.

When she was selling her clothing line, she learned how to see fashion trends and how to use this knowledge in her marketing. She was in an experimental stage. She was using her creativity to discover each new step in her career. When you read her description of the process in her interviews you get the sense she is always coming from a feeling space with each new step she takes. She was following her heart.

This process brought her to her next step in a natural way. She started experimenting with her own makeup because she couldn’t find makeup with the colors she wanted to match her clothing designs. She wanted something more rebellious, more brash, more vivacious. Once she started creating her own makeup and working with users, she knew she had found something she loved. She was passionate about her makeup line and others were responding to what she was offering enthusiastically. In her own words,”Now I’m so grateful because I feel like I created the best possible job in the world.”

She now enjoys giving talks to others about following your ambitions. She says this is her motivation for speaking as a female entrepreneur at the PHAMExpo and on Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.

When asked about the future direction of her business, Doe Deere responded “I love creating new collections of colors based on my favorite themes, especially for Generation Z, who have all grown up online. I’m always chasing the feelings of new themes based on different fantasies, subcultures, and interesting mythical creatures.”

Her love of fairy tales and fantasies is reflected in what she is giving to the world through her products at Lime Crime. Her mascot, after all, is a unicorn.

When Doe was asked what her most satisfying moment in business was she said, “When the business took off enough for me to start supporting my favorite charities for animal-rescue operations, women, and children. I felt so grateful to really start making a bigger difference. As of today, we support Girls Inc., HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary For Families, the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY and the Red Cross.”

Doe Deere gives to the world from a place of who she is and the passions she feels.


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