Clay Siegall, Genetic Mastermind

Clay Siegall, Ph.D., has a never ending passion for scientific research and helping those in need. It was his fathers battle with cancer that inspired him to peruse a career in cancer therapy. Prior to co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay earned a degree in genetics from George Washington University and worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institutes of Health. His years of hard research and garnered knowledge has earned him countless awards and recognition. Clay has written over 70 publications and holds 15 patents. He is also on the Board of Directors for Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Washington Roundtable.

While watching his father suffer through harsh chemotherapy, Clay asked himself why there wasn’t a better way to treat patients. Believing such brutal treatments needed to become obsolete, Dr. Siegall was propelled down the path to a successful future in developing alternative and more effective targeted cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has done extraordinary things since co-founding Seattle Genetics in 1998. Most notably, in 2011 he created the first FDA-approved antibody drug conjugate called ADCETRIS®. ADCETRIS can now be found in over 60 countries. Seattle Genetics has 20 other drugs in development and has partnerships with pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech.

Dr Siegall’s success also comes from his ability to raise capital. The companies IPO and plenty of private financing helped secure more than $1.8 billion. Strategic licenses with many industry greats, like those mentioned above, have earned more than $400 million.

Clay Siegall’s innovated ideas and unyielding passion for changing the face of cancer research has lead to many great successes for himself and the world around him. With great advances in research, his goal of seeing harsh cancer treatments replaced with targeted therapies is becoming more possible everyday.

Freedom Checks: They Are On The Way

There are many investors across the country that are about to experience a huge payday in the form of Freedom Checks. it comes at a time when many misunderstood this investment. Matt Badiali is credited with informing many about Freedom Checks that he says is about to create a distribution of nearly 34.6 billion dollars. The checks are expected to be handed out by the end of June. In spite of what people believe, the checks are not issued by the United States government. They are in fact slated to provide monthly payments that exceed far more than what some would expect when it comes to social security and government programs.

It’s not difficult to walk away from the concept of Freedom Checks and think something is very sketchy. It’s unfortunate but many quick rich companies have taken advantage of the term in their marketing campaigns. Often many will see a slew of ads that create confusion stating the government is handing out checks and will not be receiving any returns. Typically, this can bring about red flags that any investor should be concerned about. When in fact the legitimate Freedom Checks are not about cash hand outs. In order to comprehend and understand the potential, the large payouts investors are expecting to collect are based on ongoing investments from them.

As well as with any type of investment opportunity, investors have to put in some type of effort in order for these checks to make sense. Probably the first thing to do is to forget about the idea or concept of the checks overall. Matt Badiali has stated time and time again his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, you cannot depend on getting checks without understanding what’s behind them. This is his introduction to Master Limited Partnerships and the Statue 26-F of the IRS.

It is legislation that congress passed back in 1981 and called the Master Limited Partnerships or better known as MLP. Master limited partnerships act as a publicly traded limited partnerships regarding businesses. They trade throughout the United States and all of their acquiring assets require a distribution to investors. In the beginning, MLPs did not have regulations. After a few years and recognizing the tax benefits regarding these investment instruments Statue 26 – F was applied.

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