Man of Many Talents: Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama also known as “Gama” is a Brazilian businessman who made history by becoming the forefront of a network of interconnected agencies in the communications sector. He, for a major achievement, is the only Brazilian to be on the Global Creative Board from 1996 to early 2016. Alexandre started in 1982, at Standard Ogilvy & Mather where his position entailed copy writing and creative aspects. This is where he grew his passion in communications and advertising. He continued this work until 1990, where he moved on to DM9 to become Copy Writer and Creative Director. At this time, Alexandre, obtained a lasting tribute as the “Most Awarded Copywriter” of his time in Brazil. He moved on further to promote best practices for advertising agencies and businesses in Brazil. He became, in 2012, board member for ABAP (Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies). Gama’s own company he created in 1999, Neogama, was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win the esteemed award of “Lion in the Cannes” Festival in there first year of existence. Gama, by 2016, won 23 of these prestigious awards for his creativity and forward thinking.

Being in the advertising business for 15+ years, Gama was able to also pursue his passion in music. His music business, he launched in 2014 is called VIOLAB. This endeavor of Gama’s, allowed him to promote the best acoustic Brazilian guitar players and musicians. This was done, through his various YouTube and recording studio platforms. During this time, he was also invited to a prestigious event at the Brazilian Art Museum to show his work, this was the only event of this type in Brazil. Alexandre Gama was truly a man of many talents.