Redefining sports investment with Wes Edens

The son of a psychologist and the man who was once named the new king of Subprime is the new investor at Aston Villa. Wes Eden has decided to grow his portfolio as a sports investor with the new capital injection into the club. He and his partner Nassir an Egyptian billionaire are now the majority shareholders in the club having purchased a 55 percent stake. The deal will see Wes Edens become the club’s co-chairman another position that he hopes to drive successfully as with all others he has held and currently holds. The club that has been around for more than 100 years had been struggling, and this could have been one of the reasons their form had dipped. They had, however, managed to see some improvements missing by a whiskey an opportunity to rejoin the English Premier League when they lost their final match in May.

Wes Edens also the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks after he and his other partner Marc Lasry a hedge fund manager and CEO purchased it for 550 million dollars. The club needed a new arena, and this was one of the first investments they made for them. Wes Edens was part of the team that unveiled the new arena to the public after its completion. He has always been very passionate about sports and its one of the main reasons he is never afraid of spending big bucks to acquire the said clubs and teams.

Wes Edens has also had a very successful career in finance. He is the co-founder of Fortress, which was recently acquired by SoftBank. The group has been quite successful moving from private, then public in 2007 as listed on the NYSE and eventually returning to private hands following its acquisition by SoftBank. The deal was worth an approximate 3.3 billion dollars, which saw shareholders enjoy over thirty percent premium per share given the price it was trading at the time of acquisition.

Wes Edens is optimistic about the acquisition given the financial muscle held by SoftBank and the money they have dedicated towards American investments. He believes that the group will soon be worth much more.

Peter Briger a success no matter where he works

Peter Briger holds the position of Co-Chairman of the board of directors and a principal of Fortress. He didn’t start at these particular positions; he had to work his way up in the company. He joined Fortress in 2002 as a member of the Management Committee; it took Briger four years to become a member of the board of directors. While serving as a member of the board of directors, Briger was elected Co-Chairman in August 2009. Though Briger has been elected into a higher position, he still remains over the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress.

Peter Briger didn’t become Co-Chairman by luck. He worked hard to gain knowledge and experience during his career path. His education journey began at the Princeton University where he received a B.A. After receiving a B.A degree from Princeton, Briger enrolled at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His hard work and dedication allowed him to receive a M.B.A. Equipped with two degrees Briger sought to obtain a job in his field.

His degrees allowed him to receive a position at Goldman Sachs in 1987. After about nine years at the company, he was promoted to the position of partner in 1996. Partner was not the only position that was held by Briger. He also served under a host of positions such as Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business, Co-Head of Whole loan Sales and Trading business, and also Co-Head of Fixed Income Principal Investments Group. Also, while at Goldman’s Sachs Briger helped to found Goldman’s Special Situations Group a year after he made partner in the company. His newly founded group was able to make trades that were secretive and highly profitable. These trades helped to raise Goldman’s Sach revenue and profits.

When Peter Briger left Goldman’s Sachs he proved that his success was not contingent upon where he works. The same drive and work ethics he had at Goldman’s Sachs transferred to Fortress. While at Fortress he and his team were able to raise about 4.7 billion dollars during his first quarter of being employed at Fortress. This success story is just one of many and shows Peter Briger’s capabilities. GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

The Commendable Entrepreneurial Career of Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co- founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, a fast-rate restaurant chain that specializes in the supply of healthy, fresh and organic local foods. Nathaniel and his fellow Co-founders, Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman, were classmates in an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University.

Immediately after they graduated from college, the co-CEOs decided to establish a healthy eating restaurant in Georgetown, because they felt that the area lacked healthy eating options.

The trio has incorporated technology into their business, and most of the Sweetgreen transactions are made through the company’s website and mobile app.


Nathaniel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in 2007. After graduation, Nathaniel co-founded Sweetgreen, a fast-casual seasonal eatery, with their first location in the heart of Georgetown.

Today, Sweetgreen has more than 70 stores spread across the United States. The company has more than 1,700 employees, and Nathaniel considers them as a valuable asset to the firm.


Nathaniel Ru is hard working and dedicated to promoting healthy living in the society. He has partnered with other stakeholders in the healthy lifestyle industry such as fitness clubs and yoga classes, and this has led to a tremendous increase in his customer base.

Ru holds his staff in high regard, and he believes that his existing employees’ friends and family form the strongest customer base. He feels that even in the current digital era, personal marketing is still the most ideal way of growing a company’s network.


Nathaniel is a generous philanthropist, and he is committed to making a positive impact in the society through several healthy lifestyle initiatives. He has also supported several philanthropic causes through Sweetgreen.

The company hosts Sweetlife, an annual festival that attracts thousands of people and helps spread awareness on the importance of healthy living through music. In a bid to support local vegetable farmers, Sweetgreen stores keep a seasonal menu so that the farmers do not overexert their crops. Additionally, a portion of all sales proceeds made through Sweetgreen app goes to important charitable causes.

Nathaniel Ru is undoubtedly an ambitious, passionate and innovative entrepreneur. He continues to use his skills to instill a healthy living culture in the society.

DACA Facing a Downfall – The US in Crises

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been advocating for people to support the organization called DACA. Unknown for many, DACA plays an integral part in the stability of sectors such as the education sector and labor.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and it is an organization that immigrants to work and study in the United States. There are thousands upon thousands of DACA arrivals in the country, but several thousand of them are already losing their permits as the organization has been derailed and is fast coming to an end. Why is ht damaging the States?

First off, the U. S. has been experiencing a significant decrease in teachers in every single state. Every year there are more and more resignations are teachers are severely underpaid. The crisis has already begun, but DACA was the answer to the issue as many of the youths were training to become teachers and quench the need for pre-school and elementary teachers across the states. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Now that they can no longer stay in the U. S. the teacher crisis is going to grow far worse. The state of Arizona alone is short of 1,328 teachers this year, and that number is even higher in some states.

The number is going to continue rising as teachers are quitting their jobs due to minute payment and no raise in sight as the Secretary of Education has been turning a blind eye since she was appointed to the position.

The second issue that the United States is going to have to face is the severe decrease in work power.

The GDP of each state per year is going to drop significantly with the end of DACA. Up to date, there are more than 700 000 people working in the U. S. because of DACA. There are DACA arrivals in every single state. Over the course of the year, the States will be loosing 30 000 working people every single month.

There will be thousands of households that will stop working, stop paying bills, and stop purchasing goods and using services. According to the Center of American Progress, the GDP of the United States will be dropping over the next ten years, and the country will be looking at a GDP loss of well over $433.4 billion, all because those undocumented immigrants were removed due to the fall of DACA.

So, who is responsible for the chaos to ensue? Trump’s government has been working on creating a country that is less welcoming to foreigners. There have been several protests to protect DACA and prevent the crisis in the workforce and in education from spreading like wildfire.

While Trump’s officials are working on ”purging” the country as he put it, the United States is facing more problems than what the officials can handle or even care to notice.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Encourage Positive Change in Maricopa County

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are both journalists from Arizona. They are the former owners and operators of the Phoenix New Times, and they are now the owners of The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential, a charity and a new publication. They shifted their business interests shortly after a lawsuit against Maricopa County.

The lawsuit was a result of the immoral policing techniques of Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio had been illegally arresting immigrants for years, but the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin marked the first time he tried to silence the press. Joe Arpaio used Latinos and immigrants to make a name for himself, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed him for the racist he is, and the former Phoenix New Times owners found themselves behind bars.

The two journalists had their first amendment rights violated, so that is exactly what Lacey and Larkin advocate for in FrontPage Confidential. They post stories pertaining to other civil and constitutional rights as well.

The Frontera Fund is a way of directly undoing the damage caused by Joe Arpaio. This organization works directly with other charities that benefit the lives of Hispanics. The Frontera Fund provides funds to the ACLU of Arizona, but they also support more niche organizations like Can The Border Divide Us?, which conducts educational lectures and movie showings.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are doing everything in their power to fix the horrible damage caused by Joe Arpaio during his 24 year reign as Sheriff of Maricopa County.

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Why Gold Continues To Show Signs Of Profit Ahead

You’ve seen the commercials before. They come on during late-night television or are over exaggerated day-time infomercials. These ads, they talk about how gold retains value throughout the years and will.

All of the information you hear is accurate and true. Gold is rare and retains value. We just hope you’re in the right mindset to ask us why. Why is it that after all these years, gold continues to make a big stir in society?

The best place to look for answers is at the U.S. Money Reserve and similar precious metal agencies.

Gold continues to retain value for a number of political reasons. Let’s first throw aside the fact that gold is pretty and looks great. We’ll speak of the money the world used before paper currencies instead.

This money was gold and other precious metals.

Society will revert back to the gold standard if world economies fail.

There’s no sign of world economies falling, but governments must have something in place if nations do collapse. It’s been set for many years that gold will be the one world-currency in times of economic instability.

It will be the standard again.

Just Don’t Be Fooled By Bitcoins And Cryptocurrencies Don’t invest in the convenience of cryptocurrencies alone. Imagine that the world did go entirely digital regarding currency and fiat value. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

In a digital model, there’s a huge potential for economic instability. In fact, the stability we’d experience in a digital currency would be greater than any other medium of exchange. The problems exist in digital’s infrastructure.

Gold and other precious metals don’t need a large electronic infrastructure.

We will recognize gold if it is found in Italy, South Africa or the U.S. state of Florida. Bitcoins and other digital options need computers. When world economies are at war with each other, digital becomes vulnerable.

A digital system can be attacked whereas gold can be spread out and still function an international economy. Precious metals are less likely to be targeted for political agendas. These are the basic reasons for why we see the value of gold to remain and then rise.

The U.S. Reserve will be a leader in the distribution of gold. It’s a name you can also trust, for it leads the gold market substantially.

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Stream Energy Shares Energy Saving Tips

Stream Energy is an electricity retail company that was established in 2004. The company was created by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after Texas’ electricity markets were deregulated. Stream Energy provided its first customers with electricity in Texas in 2005.


The headquarters of Stream Energy is located inside the Tollway Center in Dallas, Texas. In 2010, Stream Energy began selling electricity on the state markets in Pennsylvania. 2011 saw Stream Energy enter the Maryland and New Jersey state markets. Its latest entries were the New York State market and District of Columbia market in 2012.


Today Stream Energy provides additional services in addition to its main service of selling electricity in over six different states and territories. This includes the sale of natural gas, wireless services, various home services and certain protective services. Stream Energy is now led by Larry Mandry who serves as both CEO and president of the firm. The company also now has an associate program where salesmen can earn commissions by signing people up for Stream energy services or recruiting additional Stream associates (MyStream).


Save Money By Getting Rid Of Phantom Drain


You may think that an appliance or gadget that is not being actively used is not using any electricity. If you thought this, then you would actually be wrong. It turns out that appliances, electronics, and gadgets use electricity even if they are not being used when they are plugged into an outlet.


It may seem hard to believe, but your computer, TV, entertainment system and coffee maker all use electricity when they are plugged in. So how do you get rid of this phantom drain? It is quite simple really according to Stream Energy ( Just unplug those unessential gadgets, appliances and entertainment systems. When you need to use them just plug them back in.


A very easy way to unplug all of your appliances is to connect them to a power strip and then just unplug the power strip. This will eliminate the need to fumble about wires and other uncomfortable sports. Think it’s not worth cutting down on the phantom drain? A single entertainment system can cost you as much $130 a year in the phantom drain.

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