How Victoria Doramus Battled Drug Addiction in Her Twenties

Drug addiction is a severe disease that affects your behavior as well as the brain. Often, substance addicts cannot resist the urge to use these drugs regardless of their harmful side effects. Drug addiction is not just about cocaine or heroin. You can be addicted to alcohol and opioid painkillers alike. For Victoria Doramus, dealing with substance abuse was one of the significant accomplishments she uses to help people who have been abusing drugs to overcome their challenges. The successful marketing manager has been sharing her story in various platforms with the hope of encouraging someone who is undergoing the same problem.

When she was 26 years of age, Victoria Doramus checked in rehab in Arizona. She didn’t know what was happening to her, but she needed help with overcoming disease addiction. Understanding her life, she realized that things were pretty unmanageable at that point since she succumbed to cocaine. Doramus spent most of her life trying to recover from cocaine addiction. She was released after 45 days at the facility where she lived. Over the years, she tried to move states, make new friends and join a different school in London but nothing worked until when she checked into another rehab in Connecticut. She was desperate to find a way out of drug use. Doramus went back to New York to start a new life. She attended AA meetings and found a solution to her problems by spending most of her time in productive initiatives such as building her career. Today, she is one of the most admired marketing managers in the industry. She also has a successful career in brand marketing.

Doramus has an impressive history in creative media. She also has skills in communications and has taken various roles focused on networking, market analysis, and content creation among others. Through these professional roles, Doramus has garnered practical skills in market research analysis, recruiting, and budgeting. She is also skilled at managing logistics as well as financial matters affecting various brands. She served as an assistant media planner for Mindshare, a prominent global media agency specializing in marketing. In her tenure, she negotiated with media vendors to make sure that her team met budgetary parameters.