The Food Service Industry Looks To OSI Group For Its Cutting-Edge Food Solutions

It takes drive and hard work to start and grow a business. When that business has lasted for more than 100 years, that takes innovation. OSI Group was founded in 1909, and today it is a globally recognized organization. The company’s International headquarters are located in Aurora, IL.

The founder of the company was only living in the United States for 2 years when he started the business. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The founder, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who came to the US when many of the other European immigrants arrived. He opened a small meat shop in Oak Park, IL, a nearby suburb of Chicago. The family business went on to include his sons, and in 1928 the company became known as Otto and Sons, Inc. Otto was committed to offering only the freshest, high quality meats to the local community that they served.

Almost three decades later, his sons met a young entrepreneur by the name of Ray Kroc, poop went on to become the founder of McDonald’s. Ray was looking to open his first restaurant, and he was impressed with the men and their meat company. Otto and Sons became the beef vendor for the very first McDonald’s hamburger restaurant in 1955. OSI Group continues to serve the fast food company, and they serve other chains in the fast food industry with their food products and food solutions.

The company is one of the largest US companies in the food business. OSI Group produces and distributes beef, chicken, and pork as hamburger patties, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, sausage, bacon, and more. They currently manufacture and distribute fruits and vegetables, baked goods, dairy foods, and snacks. The company remains privately held, and they continues in the footsteps of Otto’s commitment to freshness and quality.

OSI Group operates state-of-the-art facilities utilizing the highest level of technological advances in the industry. Their manufacturing plants are located throughout North America and in many countries in Europe. They have 20,000 office and plant employees worldwide. Some of their other fast food clients include Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza, Starbucks, and others.

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Paul Mampilly Uses Broad Economic Trends to Make Investing Decisions

Paul Mampilly’s understanding of what causes economic bubbles and his stock market timing skills have made him a very successful investor. He warned tech investors in 1999 that a bubble was being created in the tech industry when he saw tech stock prices rising thousands of percentage points. He sold every stock before the bubble exploded in 2000-2001. As a result, none of his clients lost any money.

In 2009 when the stock market was tumbling, Paul Mampilly recognized the start of significant changes in the business environment. He decided to jump into the stock market when everybody was pulling out. He even entered a competition held by the Templeton Foundation with $50 million and won the competition with a 76 percent return resulting in $88 million.

Paul Mampilly’s investing experience goes back to 1991 when he graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Finance and Accounting. He would later get an MBA from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business. He worked with high net worth clients as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust Company, a senior portfolio manager with Bankers Trust Company and Deutsche Asset Management, and a senior research analyst with ING funds. Paul eventually became the senior portfolio manager for Kinetics Asset Management where he managed a $25 billion investment account. He is currently a senior editor with Banyan Publishing and owns Capuchin Consulting where he helps middle-class people gain wealth through investing.

Paul Mampilly is currently warning people about investing in cryptocurrency. The prices for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are soaring without having any functional value, which is a clear sign of an industry bubble. People think that Paul is upset about not investing in the early stages of cryptocurrencies to make a huge profit. Like any good investor, Paul Mampilly spent dozens of hours researching and analyzing cryptocurrencies and realize that these do not make for good investments. Looking at the broader picture rather than individual investments is what makes him a successful investor.

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Career in Politics and Philanthropy of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is one of the most discussed women in American politics today. One of the most recent responsibilities that Betsy DeVos carries is her having been appointed to the position of US Secretary of Education. She had been previously active in politics as well but never to such extent. She had mostly been present in the political scene in her role as a campaign contributor to the party of the Republicans.

Political involvement is not the only aspect of her career. Betsy DeVos is also a businesswoman and a leader. She has been occupying a vast number of positions that put her almost on top of organizations, boards, and committees. She is the chief executive officer of the Windquest Group which was established by her husband many years ago. Betsy DeVos is also one of the leaders of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. In prior years, Betsy used to work as finance chairperson and a variety of management positions. Read more about her philanthropy at

Elizabeth “Betsy” Prince was born in the state of Michigan. The Prince family carries a famous name that has also been given to the Prince Corporation. Most of the members of the family are heavily involved both in business and philanthropy. Edgar and Elsa Prince have donated a fortune to a vast number of charities and foundations. She studied locally in her town’s Christian high school. After that, she moved from Holland, Michigan to Grand Rapids where she attended the Calvin College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Growing up, Betsy DeVos had been showing a natural interest in politics and business. She was very involved in campus politics, and she would often take up projects and lead teams.

Betsy DeVos has been a significant contributor to a large number of charities. On the forefront of her donations had been the education sector for many years now. Both she and her husband Richard DeVos have been investing heavily in schools, universities, and Christian education groups. Some of the institutions on the list are the Cornell University’s Weill Corner Medical Centre, several of the Success Academy Charter Schools, the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, the School of Missionary Aviation Technology, and much more.

A couple of decades ago, in 1989, Betsy and Richard DeVos established a charity foundation as well. They called it the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation. The foundation has a focus on education and arts, as well as social justice and community. The couple has donated a fortune as individuals, as a couple, and through their Family Foundation. So far, Betsy DeVos has donated more than a billion of dollars to a variety of causes including charity and political campaign. She has also fundraised millions of dollars. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

Bob Reina

Bob Reina Keeps It Real In An Interview About The Success of Talk Fusion.Learn more :



It was in 2004, when former Floridian policeman Bob Reina came up with the brilliant idea to develop a product that emails videos. Three years later, he started Talk Fusion, an international video marketing company, headquartered in Brandon, Florida. The company received immediate success, and Bob tells his story in an interview featured on INSPIRERY. He talked about how he accomplished bringing his dreams to life, marketing strategies, and his approach to network marketing. Regina also revealed what Talk Fusion is planning for the future to take the company to the next level.



While Bob Reina was serving as a police officer, he became involved in the network marketing industry and formed a successfully team with a marketing company. Although, the team was a success the company was unsuccessful, resulting in him starting all over again. That’s when he and a friend started working on the development of a video email product. He said, when Talk Fusion was launched, he already had a clientele base and attracted many customers. Bob admitted he started selling the product from the trunk of his police car by approaching people he knew already and have a relationship.



The marketing strategy he says he uses is the direct-selling model to generate new business, the power of video products. Talk Fusion helps their customers and associates accomplish connections to build relationships and brands. Its all-in-one video products and services permit them to quickly send video emails, hold live meetings, and video chat. What makes Bob Reina successful is his willingness to work hard. In his experience, success came with trials and mistakes to develop an efficient system that worked for his company.Learn more :



The future for Talk Fusion is the development of a University offering free educational information to help their associates grow their businesses. His expertise in the network marketing industry will be shared in articles and videos to tens of thousands of associates, in over 140 countries. Bob Reina is founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and a graduate from the University of South Florida with 20 years of experience in network marketing.

Big News for the Advertising Industry

Big news in the advertising industry as Lori Senecal recently announced on Adage that she will be retiring from the advertising industry at the end of the year, which also marks the end of her contract.

In case you aren’t familiar with the name Lori Senecal, she is a renowned name in the advertising industry. Senecal has been the Chief Executive Global Officer of Crispin, Porter & Bogusky since early 2015. Her more than impressive resume in the advertising industry makes this a big announcement. She has a history of great success in multi-national accounts and strength in data analytics. Lori Senecal has worked for the likes of companies such as Coca-Cola, Sprint, Nestle, XBox, Applebee’s, Nabisco, Weight Watchers and many more. She was also president of nationally renowned agency, McCann Ericson since 2008. In addition, she has held the position of Director for The Advertising Council.

Senecal has been recognized as being impactful in creating a “modern, global agency that is inventive, agile and collaborative, offering consistency internationally with strong local market flair.” While at CP&B, Senecal’s leadership was credited with the agency being recognized by Advertising Age as “Creativity Innovators of the Year” . Lori was also named one of four agency “Executives to Watch” in 2016. Senecal has always had a philosophy that “the best idea is boss, not the biggest title”. This attitude led to agency success, as well as major campaign awards. She is known as a pioneer when it comes to developing new advertising techniques as well as her strong work ethic.

She has been called an “advertising branding queen” as a result of her efforts and success on accounts such as Victoria Secret Pink, HomeGoods, BMW, Express and Vanguard. Senecal credits her leadership skills to her gymnastics coaching experience while in college. While she had a personal dream of being a gymnast, because of her height she chose to become a coach instead where she felt she could surely be successful. Her coaching experience helped her learn to set goals and reach them, as well as learning critical communication skills. More details can be found on Inspirery.

With the exit of Senecal will come the next generation of leadership, with Danielle Aldrich named to president of CP+B West, which includes CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. You can visit Fast Company.