Sawyer Howitt Is Becoming A Household Name

Even though Sawyer Howitt did not win the trophy back in 2015, he is now being recognized as soon to be one of the top Racquetball players in the nation.

In 2015 at the Racquetball Club of Portland, Sawyer Howitt lost both games he played. The matches against and were very close matches. Since then his game has steadily improved. If you watch him play you can see the maturity in his game. Sawyer is raising to a level of national notice.

He has most of his experience playing for Oregon High School. Sawyer Howitt has also been playing for the Racquetball Club of Portland. He is known as a “teenage phenomenon” by steadily improving his game and using his losses to motivate him to do better.

To some Racquetball is no more than indoor tennis, but to Sawyer Howitt it is a way of life. He is a star in the making with a very bright future. He has already been recognized by USA Racquetball. In time Sawyer will be one of the top players in the nation. He is expected to rise up and play on a National Level someday.

Keep an eye on Sawyer Howitt, someday soon he will be known as a household name in ball.

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