Here’s the Real Reason why Bumble is not Giving in to Match Group

     Match Group is an online dating corporation that offers a variety of dating products for young and middle-aged adults. This company has popular dating sites and millions of users. Tinder is a dating app that is owned by Match Group. This dating app was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe and a few other people from the Tinder Camp.

When Wolfe was at Tinder, she is the major reason why this site became popular. Wolfe knew how to market the app and how to get people interested. The site took off but then that that’s when the trouble began. Whitney Wolfe and some of Match Group’s executives started to have issues with one another. This eventually led to a sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit being filed by Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe won a million dollars in settlement and left Tinder. She then started Bumble which is a site that caters to women. At Bumble, women make the first move and guys can’t approach them unless they send them an invitation to do so. Same sex interests are allowed to make the first move regardless of their gender. Anyway, Bumble’s unique approach in the dating market makes it such a huge hit with the public. To date, the site has close to 28 million users.

Match Group wanted to purchase Bumble from Whitney Wolfe for $450 million. Whitney does not want to sell. Match Group then files a lawsuit claiming that Wolfe stole their patented look and site functionality for Bumble. The CEO of Bumble denies these claims.

Whitney Wolfe released a blog that summarized the real reason why Match Group wants Bumble. In the blog she states that Match Group is trying to bully her and the Bumble community. She wants the world to know that her company is not going down without a fight. According to Whitney Wolfe, Match Group’s actions are only empowering her female dominated company. If Match Group tries to take this company, they will lose. Whitney Wolfe and Bumble plan on fighting this lawsuit until it is over.