Peter Briger a success no matter where he works

Peter Briger holds the position of Co-Chairman of the board of directors and a principal of Fortress. He didn’t start at these particular positions; he had to work his way up in the company. He joined Fortress in 2002 as a member of the Management Committee; it took Briger four years to become a member of the board of directors. While serving as a member of the board of directors, Briger was elected Co-Chairman in August 2009. Though Briger has been elected into a higher position, he still remains over the Credit and Real Estate business at Fortress.

Peter Briger didn’t become Co-Chairman by luck. He worked hard to gain knowledge and experience during his career path. His education journey began at the Princeton University where he received a B.A. After receiving a B.A degree from Princeton, Briger enrolled at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. His hard work and dedication allowed him to receive a M.B.A. Equipped with two degrees Briger sought to obtain a job in his field.

His degrees allowed him to receive a position at Goldman Sachs in 1987. After about nine years at the company, he was promoted to the position of partner in 1996. Partner was not the only position that was held by Briger. He also served under a host of positions such as Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business, Co-Head of Whole loan Sales and Trading business, and also Co-Head of Fixed Income Principal Investments Group. Also, while at Goldman’s Sachs Briger helped to found Goldman’s Special Situations Group a year after he made partner in the company. His newly founded group was able to make trades that were secretive and highly profitable. These trades helped to raise Goldman’s Sach revenue and profits.

When Peter Briger left Goldman’s Sachs he proved that his success was not contingent upon where he works. The same drive and work ethics he had at Goldman’s Sachs transferred to Fortress. While at Fortress he and his team were able to raise about 4.7 billion dollars during his first quarter of being employed at Fortress. This success story is just one of many and shows Peter Briger’s capabilities. GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

InnovaCare Leadership Team Receives a Boost After Experienced Healthcare Plans Executives Join the Company


The InnovaCare, Inc. has one of the managed healthcare leadership in the healthcare plans. Its top most executives comprise of Rick Shinto as the Chief Executive Officer and Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative Officer. The two executives are responsible for driving the company’s innovations and integrated approach of partnering with stakeholders. Shinto and Kokkinides are part of an optimized leadership and governance structure at InnovaCare, which is based in Puerto Rico.


About InnovaCare, Inc


The company specializes in provisions of affordable healthcare plans to North Americans. Though well-established in Puerto Rico, the company boasts of over 200,000 client base allover North America. As the CEO and CAO respectively, Shinto and Kokkinides are expected to help grow these member base through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships. The company is also determined to maintain quality healthcare services that can be afforded by its members.


Who is Dr. Rick Shinto, CEO?


Richard (Rick) Shinto studied at the University of California for a BSc. Degree. Then, he received his medical degree from the NY State University before graduating with an MBA from the University of Redlands.


Rick Shinto is the current president and CEO of InnovaCare. Like Kokkinides, he served at the management team of Aveta Company. Similarly, he has over two decades of experience in the management of healthcare plan systems.


At Aveta, he held the CEO position in the management team. Rick Shinto is a certified pulmonologist, and kicked off his medical journey in Southern Carolina. Apart from Aveta, he served in the management teams of Medical Pathways and MedPartners Company. He also served as the Chief Management Officer at the Cal Optima Health Plan in California.


Shinto’s expertise in Pulmonary and Internal Medicine has seen him recognized by established medical bodies. For instance, he received the New Jersey’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Besides, he has the award for Modern Healthcare’s Top 25 Minority Health care Executives.




The Chief Administrative Officer


Penelope Kokkinides is the current CAO at InnovaCare, Inc. she has over two decades in the medical sector. Before joining InnovaCare, she was the Chief Operating Officer of Aveta, Inc. she held the same positon at her former company, Centerlight Healthcare. At Aveta, she was the Vice President in charge of Clinical Operations as well.


Kokkinides rose to the position of executive vice president at Centerlight before moving to Touchstone Health Company as its COO. Her career also includes a role as the Corporate Vice President at AmeriChoice, where she presided over care and disease management.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Maintains His Initial Position At Banco Bradesco

Change is often inevitable. In fact, change in people’s professional lives cannot be ignored. Even though that is factual, just how does change affect employees, clients, and families? Perhaps the best way to address this question would be to have a consideration of the evolving nature of the tech world alongside its influence on the current generation.

What is more, you can look at it from a different point where an employee decides to resign thereby creating room for a different recruitment process. Just like in the case of Banco Bradesco, a great and leading banking institution in Brazil, change does not have to be difficult as recently, the organization announced its intention to introduce a new president. This is how it all began;

Background Information

In late 2017, the serving president of the company announced that he was resigning immediately. For that reason, it was necessary for the board of directors to consider vetting in a new president. However, before he stepped down, Brandao de Mello was clear about upholding one value he considered important; internal recruitment according to. For some time, he had cultivated this value into the firm and ensured that every executive supported it as well. However, since change can be quite detrimental at times, he knew that it was critical for him to remind his colleagues of the value of maintaining an internal –based staff. For that reason, he picked out Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to serve as his immediate replacement. However, there was the need to focus on a long-term plan, and that was recruiting a president to replace Brandao de Mello permanently. At the same time, the new president would replace Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

The Overview of Transition

Even though Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi expected the impending transition, he maintained a positive attitude alongside implementing several effective policies for the development of the organization. Even better, he maintained his position as the head of the board of directors. On the other hand, after a few months of service, Carlos delved into the annual general meeting and helped in selecting a youthful president just like Brandao de Mello instructed the company.

The Election

After the board meeting, CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi admitted that the recruitment process had a lot of challenges. For instance, it was a bit challenging to conclude who would walk in the footsteps of Brandao de Mello. Other than that, the transition process has been accommodating of Brandao’s values. Therefore, as Octavio de Lazari steps into the presidency, he is expected to deliver.

The Outline

On the other hand, as Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi steps down from the position of the president, he shall still maintain his initial post. Perhaps this is a good sign because he has been working for Banco Bradesco since his teenage years. Moreover, given that he has worked with Brandao de Mello for some time, it is evident that he understands the entire banking institution. For that reason, he is well versed with all details that affect the organization.


Fortress Investment Group Has Been A Force Of Innovation

It’s fair to say that the Fortress Investment Group is a trendsetter and is a force of innovation. The company was formed as a private equity firm back in 1998, but since then it has grown to become a well-respected alternative asset management companies.Fortress Investment Group manages over $30 billion of assets for over 1,000 investors in hedge funds, private equity and permanent capital vehicles. The firm’s three principals are Peter Briger, Randal Nardone from New York and Wes Edens, also based in New York.

The Firm’s Founding

The three principals previously mentioned founded the Fortress Investment Group. Edens, Nardone and Kauffman (who retired six years ago) had extensive financial experience from their time at companies such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Financial Management. The first investment vehicle the company launched was called the Fortress Investment Fund I. This fund quickly grew, and some of the firms earliest investments were in the Toronto and New York real estate markets. Eventually the firm expanded into hedge funds as well as debt securities.


Within 10 years of its founding, Fortress decided to launch its Initial Public Offering. In 2006, the company had already grew and expanded and launched Fortress Investment Fund II, II and IV. A little after its IPO, the firm made the decision to increase their investment vehicles.About eight years ago, the firm acquired American general Financial Services, whose name was changed to Springleaf Financial Services. The value of it increased by over 20 times its original value. Today, it’s valued at over three-million dollars.

Acquisition By Softbank

The Fortress Investment Group was the first company of its kind to go public. Ten years after doing so, the company was bought by the SoftBank Group Corporation. The company bought Fortress Investment Group for just over three-billion dollars. After the acquisition, Edens, Briger and Nardone remained at the company.

Fortress’ Current Operations

Fast forward to present day, Fortress’ current operations are divided up into three different categories. This includes permanent capital vehicles, credit and private equity.Those who may be interested in the services provided by Fortress are free to visit the firm’s official website. They can also contact them at their headquarters or one of their other offices via the phone.

Drew Madden Welcomes Amazons Entry into the American Healthcare Industry

The American government is spearheading efforts to foster the entry of new players into the country’s healthcare industry. Apart from initiatives such as Startup America,, and Open Innovator’s Toolkit, significant regulatory shocks are unfolding, all in an attempt to create a conducive set-up for entrepreneurs and companies to flourish in healthcare.

In light of the regulatory shocks sweeping through the healthcare industry, Amazon—a renowned retail e-commerce giant—sought and obtained pharmacy licenses to distribute healthcare-related equipment to several states of the U.S. Whether the e-commerce giant is planning to take up a more prominent role in the healthcare industry is a question that is open for debate.

Amazon, established 23 years ago, has a vast retail network, reaching millions of Americans. Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market increased the company’s presence in the U.S. If the company’s eventual plan is to distribute prescription medications, then a significant occurrence is awaiting the healthcare sector.

CVS Health, a retail pharmacy company, is convinced that Amazon is plotting on bringing competition to its door. And the Rhode Island-based company is prepping for a face-off. CVS Health recently announced its intentions to acquire Aetna, a healthcare company that retails consumer-directed health care insurance plans. CVS is expected to fork out $69 billion to purchase Aetna in a strategy that New York Time believes would “reshape the American healthcare industry.”

Amid the looming showdown, the American consumer has a reason to smile. If Amazon and CVS Health engage in a competition, each company will offer the American healthcare consumer incentive(s). The quality of service delivery is likely to improve significantly. In fact, CVS Health unveiled a new service package that is capable of delivering prescription medications to its clients (across America) in under 24 hours.

Drew Madden

He is a healthcare IT entrepreneur who fancies competition in the industry as it fosters innovation and quality service delivery. He is a managing partner at Evergreen Healthcare Partners. The firm is seeking to shape the healthcare industry through intuitive electronic health record solutions. Drew Madden is an asset to the company as his electronic medical records skills are impeccable.

Doe Deere, Cosmetics entreprenuer, A success story to feel good about

Doe Deere is a fashion and cosmetics entrepreneur who achieved success by being herself.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime a cosmetics company that offers bold and innovative cosmetics to its customers, while at the same time keeping its products all vegan and cruelty-free.

Doe was born in Russia and did her growing up in New York City. Her path in life has been to follow her passion. Starting out her passion brought her to the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. There she studied fashion design and illustration. Consistent with the boldness we see in her products today, she left school before finishing to start her own clothing line. This is where the name Lime Crime first appeared in her business. She has always felt a connection to fairy tales. She was thinking about how in fairy tales many times there will be rhymes for no special reasons and she liked how the words lime crime sounded when they came out of her mouth. Lime Crime it was.

When she was selling her clothing line, she learned how to see fashion trends and how to use this knowledge in her marketing. She was in an experimental stage. She was using her creativity to discover each new step in her career. When you read her description of the process in her interviews you get the sense she is always coming from a feeling space with each new step she takes. She was following her heart.

This process brought her to her next step in a natural way. She started experimenting with her own makeup because she couldn’t find makeup with the colors she wanted to match her clothing designs. She wanted something more rebellious, more brash, more vivacious. Once she started creating her own makeup and working with users, she knew she had found something she loved. She was passionate about her makeup line and others were responding to what she was offering enthusiastically. In her own words,”Now I’m so grateful because I feel like I created the best possible job in the world.”

She now enjoys giving talks to others about following your ambitions. She says this is her motivation for speaking as a female entrepreneur at the PHAMExpo and on Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.

When asked about the future direction of her business, Doe Deere responded “I love creating new collections of colors based on my favorite themes, especially for Generation Z, who have all grown up online. I’m always chasing the feelings of new themes based on different fantasies, subcultures, and interesting mythical creatures.”

Her love of fairy tales and fantasies is reflected in what she is giving to the world through her products at Lime Crime. Her mascot, after all, is a unicorn.

When Doe was asked what her most satisfying moment in business was she said, “When the business took off enough for me to start supporting my favorite charities for animal-rescue operations, women, and children. I felt so grateful to really start making a bigger difference. As of today, we support Girls Inc., HOLA for kids in LA, Sanctuary For Families, the Bideawee animal shelter, Adopt NY and the Red Cross.”

Doe Deere gives to the world from a place of who she is and the passions she feels.


Visit to learn more.

Here’s the Real Reason why Bumble is not Giving in to Match Group

     Match Group is an online dating corporation that offers a variety of dating products for young and middle-aged adults. This company has popular dating sites and millions of users. Tinder is a dating app that is owned by Match Group. This dating app was co-founded by Whitney Wolfe and a few other people from the Tinder Camp.

When Wolfe was at Tinder, she is the major reason why this site became popular. Wolfe knew how to market the app and how to get people interested. The site took off but then that that’s when the trouble began. Whitney Wolfe and some of Match Group’s executives started to have issues with one another. This eventually led to a sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit being filed by Wolfe.

Whitney Wolfe won a million dollars in settlement and left Tinder. She then started Bumble which is a site that caters to women. At Bumble, women make the first move and guys can’t approach them unless they send them an invitation to do so. Same sex interests are allowed to make the first move regardless of their gender. Anyway, Bumble’s unique approach in the dating market makes it such a huge hit with the public. To date, the site has close to 28 million users.

Match Group wanted to purchase Bumble from Whitney Wolfe for $450 million. Whitney does not want to sell. Match Group then files a lawsuit claiming that Wolfe stole their patented look and site functionality for Bumble. The CEO of Bumble denies these claims.

Whitney Wolfe released a blog that summarized the real reason why Match Group wants Bumble. In the blog she states that Match Group is trying to bully her and the Bumble community. She wants the world to know that her company is not going down without a fight. According to Whitney Wolfe, Match Group’s actions are only empowering her female dominated company. If Match Group tries to take this company, they will lose. Whitney Wolfe and Bumble plan on fighting this lawsuit until it is over.

Hussain Sajwani: Innovative Founder of DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani, an Emirati native is a creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of the DAMAC Group. DAMAC Group, a parent company, was formed in 1992 and is headquartered in Dubai. The illustrious group enterprises diverse industries including real estate, insurance, investments, hospitality, catering services, financial services, and manufacturing.

Entrepreneur Hussain Sajwani created the group shortly after identifying a real estate business opportunity in Dubai. He invested in residential property there and quickly turned it around for profit in the year 2000. Once he honed in on his investment process, he opened the doors of his globally renowned business DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani focused on DAMAC Properties, ensuring that it stood apart from other development companies.

He specialized in luxury developments in the Middle Eastern region. His strategy was aggressive marketing coupled with a unique sales plan. With these two key ingredients, the astute businessman took his business to next level success by developing a grand sense of style and opulence within every installation. The beauty of Mr. Sajwani’s developments is that no two constructions are the same. His brand will always offer innovative, trendy designs, with progressive, well thought out amenities.

His property portfolio has a count of 19,000 apartments and over 44,000 units that are still in various stages of construction. DAMAC Properties leads its class in the development market today. Hussain Sajwani also started a catering venture under DAMAC Holdings. Here, he provided catering services to U.S. military troops as well as to the project management giant, Bechtel Group, Inc. Mr. Sajwani’s company, now called Global Logistics Services, is a leader in the Middle East. Additionally, Hussain Sajwani has founded the DAMAC Foundation which sponsors initiatives for the youth of Dubai.

The generous leader believes in giving back to the community. His philanthropic efforts continue to enhance disadvantaged communities and children with clothing, supplies, and educational campaigns. Hussain Sajwani has built an all-encompassing stellar enterprise that continues to stay in front of the competition.

CEO of DAMAC Hussain Sajwani: Luxury Properties to Live For

There is a new tender coming in for the second tower. DAMAC Properties has revealed this to happen in its six-tower level. It’s located in AYKON City and will cover construction of three basements, the ground floor and 10 podium areas. Residents get 49 floors including a beautiful rooftop. The property is highly sought-out for it eye-catching lifestyle and entertainment floor.


Mohammed Tahaineh, Senior Vice President, of DAMAC states everything is moving as planned and construction development is building fast. He further states the tendering part brings in a new construction partner in early 2018.


DAMAC’s contract to China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) carries a high worth of AED 600 million. This will fund the development at AYKON City.


In Dubai, AYKON City thrives. It’s DAMAC’s largest development so far with exciting features and state-of-the-art design. The company sees it as an infrastructure city inside Dubai. The views are breath-taking and contain residences, apartments, a hotel and viable office areas. DAMAC says AYKON City will be AYKON Plaza. The plan is to have it as an entertainment and lifestyle location where locals can swim, enjoy the beach club, sip coffee at cafes and much more. In addition, a separate area will be called The Club, but just for residents.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is proud to reveal his company’s history of having a long record of giving residents mind-blowing designs within their living quarters. He believes DAMAC continues to offer unique constructions for residential spaces people will enjoy. The company lives to provide innovative luxury brand real estate and apartments. Owner Hussain Sajwani further adds that DAMAC takes pride in intellectually placing his locations in high attractive out areas.


As CEO, Hussain Sajwani, has built an empire of real estate that amounts to over 100 million square feet. Residents relax in villas with top-tier amenities that are placed around golf courses. They can also take advantage of the parks, schools and well-designed nurseries to name a few.


Sajwani has worked big names such as Versace, Fendi and Paramount Hotels & Resorts. He says his company’s mission is to give the ultimate living experience to its residents throughout Dubai.


DAMCA is always looking to expand from their location. Sajwani has looked at Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Kingdom. Overall they look to maintain their great partnerships and satisfy their investors.

HCR Wealth Advisors—Your Retirement Matters

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that provides personalized investment and financial management to their clients. Some of the firm’s goals are to protect clients against risk and educate them on sound investment strategy. Everyone’s financial situation is different, which is why HCR Wealth provides a personalized approach for high net worth and other individuals.


One specific life transition that has been the main topic of conversation in the past year are those people in their late 30s to early 50s who are right in the middle of having to provide financial support to their family. Many people in this group are stuck providing for both their kids who are in college, or coming home from college, and their parents who are in retirement and may need financial assistance. Plus, trying to take care of your own financial obligations and trying to save for your own retirement adds additional financial pressure on this group.


HCR Wealth Advisors has various ways to help people in this demographic save money and build for their future. Even with the rise of college tuition and with the elderly living longer, it is still possible to put the right plan in place that will secure your financial future. As part of this planning, there are multiple things that will need to be assessed like your parent’s finances, your parent’s healthcare or medical bills, the cost of college tuition or the cost of children returning home. You will also need to evaluate exactly how much you will need for your retirement.


Once all of these areas are assessed, HCR Wealth can help plan and create personalized financial strategies while also educating you as a client. HCR Wealth Advisors’ ultimate goal is to help reduce any risk and create trustworthy relationships with their clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.